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Jintang Bestway Technology Co., Ltd.
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Company News About Jintang Bestway Technology Co., Ltd.
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Jintang Bestway Technology Co., Ltd.

Latest company news about Jintang Bestway Technology Co., Ltd.

The company name "Bestway" is a transliteration of the words "best" and "way". The company's philosophy is to provide customers with better products, methods, and solutions, and to share technological value with customers.


Baixinwei Technology is based on the technologies of Advanced Enzyme, Enzo Chem, and Shanghai YIDI, with the Institute of Biochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jiangnan University, Indian University of Technology, and Indian Tech as platforms. With domestic enterprises with certain fermentation capacity as partners and advanced domestic technology and equipment, it has established a series of products in Chengdu, mainly including enzyme preparations, protein small molecules, oligosaccharides, small peptides, etc, It also has a modern production base of domestic advanced separation and purification equipment and low-temperature spray drying equipment.


Our company is positioned as a product with unique and differentiated enzyme preparations, oligosaccharides, and small peptides, serving multiple fields such as food, medicine, environmental protection, and bioenergy, providing high-quality products and application services to global customers.